Welcome to Genie IT

Genie IT services is a quality-focused Information Technology service provider operating in Sydney. We cater to the IT needs of a vast array of small and medium sized businesses.

Our clients come from a wide range of industry sectors including retail, insurance, financial services, health, commerce and HR, to name a few.

Our aim is to provide high-caliber technical advice and support, in all areas of Information Technology, at a realistic cost to the client.

Cloud integration

We can design and implement the tools and technologies that connect various applications, systems and IT environments across multiple devices over the internet or networks.

backup & recovery

We'll setup systems to backup your data in case of a loss, and then setup the systems to allow that data to be recovered in the event that something should happen to your computer or network.

Server & Network support

Too many business allow their servers, data and networks to go unmanaged for long periods of time. Let us take care of your networks and systems to ensure your business remains productive.


Support for multiplatform devices and operating systems is a must-have. As such we offer comprehensive support across PC, Mac, iOS and Android platforms and devices.


Security threats to your systems have evolved. The systems we implement to ensure data security are constantly evolving to keep on top of emerging and existing threats.

IT PRoject MGMT & IMplementation

We help you to plan, organise and implement your businesses IT goals, software development, hardware installations, upgrades, analytics and data management.


As a client of Genie IT Services, you gain instant access to our support desk. The support desk is open from 8AM to 6PM Monday to Friday. Our qualified technicians are standing by to assist you, whether you need quick phone support, a remote support session, or to request an onsite visit by your regular primary technician.

Genie It Support can be reached on 0410 685 254 or via email at support@genieit.com.au

Our remote desktop sharing tool allows our support technicians to access and share your computer screen real time.

Our specialist are personable, experienced and available for onsite and remote support.


Each Year, technology alters and evolves. The rate of change and the huge varieties in Information Technology can literally be bewildering to the average person in business. The questions can be as simple as “in-house vs cloud services or “What flavours of anti-threat-ware should I be running?”

Here at Genie It services we are committed to remaining ahead of this technology change, to ensure that we can provide our client base with the most up to date and relevant advise on their Information Technology choices.

Our staff are dedicated and enthusiastic technologists, our goal is to deliver the best possible answers to your IT needs and requirements.

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